Reasons For Supporting Gay Marriage

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"Four Reasons to Support Gay Marriage and Oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment." ThoughtCo, Feb.

There are plenty of reasons not to support gay marriage, but as was mentioned above, none of these reasons are good! One example of a completely unfounded reason for opposing gay marriage is that it is a violation of natural law.

Gay marriages have always been a part of controversy for many reasons. There are hundreds of reasons for not supporting marriages but one strong reason may force a person to think about gay marriage.

Much like pro-lifer's, people that are anti-gay marriage do not have any logical, legit reasons to back up their opinion....why they care so much about what other people do. Gays getting married has zero affect on heteros.

Seven men, seven ex lovers, each of them a reason for her to support marriage equality, and love. My reasons stand up and out against hypocrisy (because truthfully, how could I say I'm opposed to gay marriage when seven of the men I've dated and loved are openly gay and wish to marry?)
Movie: My 7 Reasons for Supporting Gay Marriage | The Good Men Project


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